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Daily visits

seminary residence hall desk

Welcome! Enjoy a walking tour with an 中国体彩网 ambassador and meet with an 中国体彩网 admissions counselor. On tour, you'll get to see most of our academic buildings and one of our first-year residence hall rooms.

→ Explore 中国体彩网

Tour campus with a current student, meet an admissions counselor and learn more about the application process.

→ Explore 中国体彩网 custom visit

A custom visit lets you create a schedule that suits you the best. Pick up to four options for your day at 中国体彩网.

Wondering what you'll need for these visits? Check out our visit checklist.

dining center

Tips on getting the most from your visit

The best time to visit is on a weekday while classes are in session. This allows you the most options for visiting classes, meeting faculty and sampling student life.