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Areas of study

Along with majors and minors, 中国体彩网 offers coordinated-degree and pre-professional programs (requiring a major), concentrations within majors, tracks or advising programs within certain fields, and more.

All programs prioritize learning by doing, and problem-solving through experience—on campus, in the Quad Cities and around the world.

Half of 中国体彩网 students have more than one major, building on their skills and versatility for the future. For each major and minor you choose, you will have an advisor. Your career coach in CORE will focus on opportunities that stem from your ideas and broader field of interest, and not only your academic major(s).

See requirements for majors and minors, listed by area of study.

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Exploring majors?

At 中国体彩网, that's a plus, not a problem, as these students will agree.

Information on health care careers

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