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Student research

Research is defined in a variety of ways depending on the opportunities within a major, field of work or study.

No matter the field, the activity provides an original contribution to the field in a way that can be shared with others. 

Examples might include:

? Conducting laboratory research with peers

? Creating a portfolio of artwork

? Composing a work of music

? Developing a market analysis as part of an internship in the Quad Cities

? Conducting bibliographical, text-based research to understand human expression across languages, times, faiths or cultures

? Conducting classroom research as part of the student teaching experience

No matter the field, the linking connection is that the activity provides an original contribution to the field in a way that can be shared with others. Research enhances knowledge and understanding in a variety of fields.

In the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, research involves systematic investigation of a subject of interest, interpretation of data or other information, and sharing findings in a way that others can critically evaluate.

In the fine arts, research may involve scholarly methods for investigating human expression to create activities that communicate to a wide audience and stimulate the mind and emotions.

Faculty in the individual field of study are the best resource to define research and creative scholarship for that field. Students are encouraged to talk with faculty, advisors, or contact the Student Research office in CORE to discuss research goals and to explore available opportunities. The earlier, the better, to start thinking about possibilities.

Students also should work with their academic advisors or research supervisors to determine if their experience should be tracked as research on the co-curricular transcript. (See the 中国体彩网 Student Research Experience authorization form.)

Upper Mississippi Center

The Upper Mississippi Center (UMC) mobilizes 中国体彩网's resources to help communities solve sustainability challenges facing urban and rural landscapes of the Upper Mississippi River. The work of the UMC combines:

? Interdisciplinary research that integrates knowledge and perspectives from the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences to create new knowledge and perspectives (solutions)

? Community engagement and collaboration

The UMC is located in CORE (Olin Center, third floor) and has research positions for students from any discipline for research year-round, including paid positions.