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Schedule of student charges 2023-2024

The following costs are for the 2023-24 academic year. There are two semesters in the academic year.

The schedule of student charges is published as a supplement to the 中国体彩网 中国体彩网 Catalog.

Basic student charges


Academic year

Tuition   $49,674
Standard housing and meals   $12,166
Health care/clinic fee*   $     160
Total comprehensive fee   $62,000
Part-time or overload tuition per credit and/or private study per credit
(including courses audited)
When determining eligibility for aid, allowances are made for the following expenses:    
Books and supplies   $1,000
Personal expenses   $1,848
Travel expenses   $1,926

*中国体彩网 Convenient Care services will include the examination and consultation of sprains, strains, fevers, cold and flu, pneumonia, minor fractures, lacerations and other acute problems. Costs for medication, additional tests, or services requiring the student to see a provider off-campus would be handled through the student’s insurance. (Clinic services are not meant to replace the requirement for students to maintain health insurance coverage.)

Campus housing

Per semester

Per academic year

Hall double/triple
Westerlin, Erickson, Seminary and Andreen halls
Deluxe double/triple
A double or triple with a bathroom
$3,566 $7,132
Hall single
Westerlin, Erickson, Seminary and Andreen halls
Deluxe single
A single with a private bathroom
$4,480 $8,960
Transitional Living Area (TLA) double
TLA with shared double or triple occupancy bedrooms, available starting junior year
$4,129 $8,258
TLA single
TLA with private bedrooms
$4,699 $9,398

Transitional Living Areas (TLAs) are available to third-year students. Meal plans are optional for TLA students.

Meal plans

Per semester

Per academic year

On-campus options (available to all students)

Gerber Unlimited
Plus $75 Viking Bucks
$3,302 $6,604
Full Meal Plan
19 meals per week
Any 15 Plus**
15 meals per week plus $110 Viking bucks
$3,026 $6,052
Any 12 Plus
12 meals per week plus $250 Viking bucks
$3,026 $6,052
Off-campus options (available only to TLA residents and commuters)    
Any 10
10 meals per week
$1,561 $3,122
Any 100***
100 meals plus $50 Viking bucks
Any 80***
80 meals plus $235 Viking bucks

**Any 15 Plus automatically will be assigned to first- and second-year students living in standard housing. However, you may choose a different meal plan from the on-campus options; please contact Dining Services to select a different on-campus meal option.

***Any 80 and Any 100 meals are valid until used in full or to the end of the academic year. These meal plans can be purchased at any point during the year.

Fall semester meal plans will continue for those enrolled in a January term (J-term) on-campus experience.


Basic student charges

Full-time tuition for the academic year covers enrollment in 34 credits (includes credits for two semesters and one January term.) To be considered full-time and qualify for the full-time tuition rate, students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters. In addition to the fall credit hours (12), traditional first-year students are required to register for January term, while returning students have the option of registering for J-term. Students who register for J-term will not incur additional tuition charges; in some cases, they may incur a program fee. J-term classes are typically 4 credits, but study-away experiences may vary.

Tuition is charged on a per-credit basis for enrollment in fewer than 12 credits in any one semester or enrollment in more credits than the maximum covered by full-time tuition. Overload fees will be assessed and charged to the student bill during the spring semester. See Costs and Financial Assistance for more information.

Overload and distribution of credits

Overload fees are assessed to students who exceed 34 credits of instruction for the academic year (two semesters and J-term), or who exceed 17 credits of instruction if enrolled in only a single semester for the academic year (either fall semester, fall semester plus J-term, or spring semester). Applied music credits for which a fee is paid are not included in the determination of overloads, but are counted toward normal tuition charges and credit loads. See the 中国体彩网 中国体彩网 Catalog for the complete policy on credit load, overload fees and full academic policy.

Applied music fees for all students 

First half-hour lesson each semester (1 credit): $488
Additional half-hour lesson each semester (1 credit): $308
One credit: $488; 2 credits: $796; 3 credits: $1,104; 4 credits: $1,412
Chamber music fee: $98 each semester of participation in chamber music courses.

Health care/clinic fee: $160

It is required for all full-time students to provide proof of health insurance each year. For those students who aren’t on a family medical plan, there may be cost involved in purchasing a plan out on the marketplace, but cost for individual health plans will vary.

Late registration and add/drop fee

If they do not meet the registration deadline, students will not be allowed to enroll for the semester after the fifth day of classes, will be asked to vacate campus housing and leave campus, and will be denied card access. Students also must adhere to the published drop deadlines. In extenuating circumstances, students given special permission by the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees (AS&D) to register after published deadlines will be subject to additional late fees:

? Late registration processing fee of $160, plus an additional $80 fee per section.

? Individual late add/drops approved by the committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees (AS&D) are subject to a $80 late fee per section, plus an additional $20 for every week beyond the published deadlines.

? A pro-rated amount may be calculated for courses under three (3) credits.

Late petition processing fee

Students who submit academic petition requests beyond communicated or published deadlines are subject to a $25 per day late processing fee. These include final exam petitions, petitions to AS&D, overload petitions, late fee waiver petitions, late submission of add/drop forms, registration load exception petitions and many other appeals, petitions and requests.

Instrument rental fee: $81 per semester

High-maintenance instrument rental fee: $122 per semester (includes bassoons, harp and string bass)

Late payment fee: Charged to students who have not made payment to the Business Office by the first day of classes each semester: $200

Graduation application fee: $100

Special examination fee: $215 per credit

Automobile registration fee (annual charge)

Full year decal: $225 (includes J term)
Semester decal: $125 (14 weeks)
A partial semester: $70 (7 weeks)
J-term only: $45 (if full year is not purchased)

Transcript fees: available through Office of the Registrar


Students will be billed prior to the start of each semester for tuition, housing and meal plans. Payment is expected in full by the published due date unless the family utilizes the monthly payment plan offered through Transact Campus. Enrollment is not complete until these fees have been paid.

A non-refundable tuition deposit is required of all students new to campus by May 1. New students are affected by policies appearing in the Admissions section of the 中国体彩网 中国体彩网 Catalog and posted on the website. All financial obligations to the college must be met and all borrowed college property must be returned before academic records (diplomas and transcripts of grades) will be released.

中国体彩网 中国体彩网 is an equal opportunity employer and is in compliance with the requirements of Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. 中国体彩网 administers its educational programs in conformity with all applicable statutes concerning non-discrimination with regard to age, sex, race, color, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental handicap, military status, national origin or any other unlawful basis. Evidence of practices which are inconsistent with this policy should be reported to the Associate Dean of the 中国体彩网, 639 38th St., Founders Hall, Rock Island, Ill. 61201-2296; phone 309-794-7328.