How to connect your majors

Hana Bui
Hana Bui
May 13, 2024

Passionate about two majors and can't decide? You should consider a double major!

My career goal is to be a successful marketer who can build connections between people in society and beneficial services and products. To achieve my dream, there are many valuable skills to learn — for example, how communication works within different contexts and how to bring business data to the public.

Therefore, I am double majoring in communication studies and international business, with a concentration in marketing during my time at 中国体彩网. After three years of studying my two majors, it’s a great choice to prepare myself for the marketing field. 

My two majors

The communication studies major focuses on understanding the fundamental principles and processes of communication across various contexts. I can explore how communication functions in public, media, private and cultural settings. The coursework includes learning theories, reading previous studies and applying them to modern life to analyze and interpret communication dynamics. Students can study practical skills such as public speaking, listening and presentation.

International business courses focus on learning about the modern business landscape and how companies operate on a global scale. My concentration in marketing allows me to study different concepts, including marketing strategy development, consumer behavior analysis, digital marketing and marketing research methods. Through a combination of coursework and practical projects, I have gained insight and skills to navigate the marketing environment and how to drive business growth in a global marketplace.

Being a double major helps me balance my numeracy and literacy skills. Communication studies often involves working on projects and collaborations that enhance interpersonal communication, as well as reading articles and applying theories to write papers. International business–marketing exposes me to professional marketing materials in the global business community. These subjects require me to work with strategy and numbers in most of the assignments and projects. 

Why I chose them

I chose communication studies when I applied because I wanted to learn more about interpersonal communication. After taking some of my coursework, I found myself interested in public relations, a field where I could apply the foundational principles of the major. From how to persuade the public with rhetoric to how to listen effectively, I have leveraged my skills to explore how effective communication is developed and understand the meanings of human behavior.

After my freshman year, I realized that I want to know more about how departments in a business work and especially what the marketing department can do for the products and services. That's why I chose international business–marketing. As an international student, I enjoy knowing how marketing works in different countries and learning about global business dynamics. Dealing with statistics is one of the specific skills that I have learned. Many classes in different areas, including economics, accounting and finance, have taught me how to calculate and organize data. I've gained insights into consumer behavior and brand management, enabling me to formulate and complete strategic marketing plans.


In both majors, I have had the opportunity to connect with alumni through assignments by learning more about the marketing industry and what the alumni have done in their career journeys after graduation. Also, my two advisors always recommend alumni who can give me advice on my projects or future plans. These opportunities can help me achieve my career goal in the future and increase my ability to learn about job opportunities after graduation.

In the future, when seeking job opportunities, I'll have the chance to pursue various roles, including internships and jobs in digital marketing, marketing analysis, public relations, communications assistance and beyond!

Hana Bui
Hana Bui

Hana is a junior from Hai Phong, Vietnam, majoring in communication studies and international business-marketing.